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About a century ago the first small shipmodels in 1:1200 scale were produced mainly as recognition models for the navy but soon they converted to collector's items for people interested in naval affairs.

The production of these models by mostly small companies or individuals has created a unique and fascinating field of collecting that reflects the love of ships and the interest in naval history of the collectors as well as the producer's extreme capabilities in handicraft and innovations.

In most cases the number of models produced is quite limited due to the fact that the casting process in silicone moulds requires a lot of hand work. Therefore, our models deserve to be called „little works of art“. Some early makers built their models of wood, paper and wire while in present days many pilot models are created with the help of a computer and then „printed“ on a 3-D Printer. Nevertheless, the models have to be cast and painted by hand.
Lilo Peter Wiedling


Many collectors of these miniatures form an international community, and a lot of frienships have developed there. Especially when you think about the regular meetings that take place in several countries.

I myself started collecting over 70 years ago (see page About us) and when models were available again after 1945 I not only sold them in our toystore in Munich but also sent them by mail to foreign countries and always tried to maintain a good stock of all important makers.

Our first „Internet Shop“ was successful right from the start in 2000 but now it is getting old.
In order to present our models as cleary and functionally as before we herewith introduce our new website.

Lilo and Peter Wiedling

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